3 Issues You Should Investigate Before Hiring a Financial Adviser

It is important to select the right financial adviser if you are going to reach your financial goals. This article discusses some of the important issues that you should look into when you are searching for a financial adviser. Qualifications Different jurisdictions have minimum qualifications that someone must have in order to work as a financial adviser. However, those minimum qualifications may not be sufficient for the kind of advice that you may wish to receive. Read More 

Why Startups Need to Do Proper Accounting

Accounting is one of the most important functions of any business. Unfortunately, a significant number of businesses operating in Australia, especially start-ups, do not usually give it with the level of attention that it deserves. These businesses consider accounting to be one of those functions that has to be performed so as to simply conform to legal or statutory requirements. A change in attitude is needed, as accounting service is beneficial to businesses in so many different ways, as long as it is properly done. Read More 

Business Insurance | 4 Insurance Dangers To Your Real Estate Business

Running a real estate business is especially rewarding because it gives you the opportunity to do what you love, while offering you the flexibility to choose your hours of work. But insurance dangers can put your business at risk if you're not careful. Knowing what these dangers are will help you mitigate them with adequate insurance protection measures. Your Business Data Could Be Stolen When you run a real estate business, customer data security is important because you have access to sensitive information such as addresses, rental incomes, bank account numbers, tax file numbers, passport copies and much more. Read More 

Growing Pains? Four Signs Your Growing Business Needs an Accountant

As your business grows, you may need the help of various professionals and consultants. Wondering if your growth necessitates hiring a business accountant? Here are four signs it's time: 1. You've hired your first employee. Figuring out how to calculate and remit payroll taxes for employees can be challenging, and you may want a business accountant to help you. Additionally, an accountant can help you figure out how to implement retirement savings plans for employees as well as other benefit programs. Read More 

It’s Not Too Late: Planning for Retirement in Your Fifties

If you are in your 50s, retirement is looming. However, if you haven't saved anything yet, you may be more worried than excited. Luckily, you still have time to prepare for retirement. Here is what you need to do: 1. Don't despair about starting late Most retirement preparation advice focuses heavily on how advantageous it is to start saving in your 20s or even your 30s, and reading this advice can become overwhelming if you are in your 50s with little to no savings. Read More